Acupuncture for Weight Loss

Acupuncture identifies certain body points corresponding with specific organs. Needles are placed by an acupuncturist on these points so as to rouse endorphins, energy and blood flow to their corresponding organs. There are those who actually use acupuncture for weight loss because the hormones endorphins assist the body in getting rid of stress. The latter is said to trigger binge eating and overeating and make one relaxed and calm. Acupuncture balances one’s digestive system and regulates metabolism thus the reason why it aids in losing weight.

The procedure starts with the acupuncturist selecting the points where the needles shall be inserted. He consults with the patient and then talks about the latter’s eating habits as well as the reasons for overeating. He will also address other health issues and other digestive concerns during this time.

If one wishes to use acupuncture for weight loss, he must consult with an acupuncturist for the evaluation of his entire health. Aside from the discussions on eating habits, the acupuncturist shall also check his patient’s pulse and evaluate the health of the stomach. He will check the patient’s tongue to see if there is puffiness, cracks or peeling because these are indications of tummy problems.

A treatment program shall be developed by the acupuncturist. He shall see which of the points shall require treatment an then he shall dwell on such points every time the patient visits. He shall focus on the metabolism and digestive system of the patient for proper weight loss.

The patient must set sixty minutes for every visit. After the acupuncturist inserts needles on the points, he leaves these needles there for half to three-fourth quarter of an hour. The needles shall release endorphins and stimulate each organ which the acupuncture point represents. This shall make the organs function well and then unblock energy that has been blocked.

There are different points of the body that will make one lose weight when needles are placed on them. A treatment plan by the acupuncturist will show the usage of ear points as well as other body points. The common points of acupuncture for weight loss are found on the ears, kidney, mouth, tummy, spleen and thyroid.

There are acupuncturists utilizing electrical stimulation on the points of the body to help in regulating metabolism. They teach the patient tips on using acupressure on such points when they wish to overeat or when they are stressed out. This is because endorphins are released which minimize such feelings.

It would also be beneficial if one uses relaxation workouts, yoga and meditation along with acupuncture to eliminate stress. Herbal remedies are also recommended to lose weight which a lot of medical practitioners recommend.

Although acupuncture for weight loss is used by many, it should not be seen as a panacea to lose weight. One has to have a healthy lifestyle such as implementing proper eating habits, performing regular exercise and managing stress. Acupuncture will be more effective with such a healthy lifestyle and proper body management.



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