Acupuncture for Tennis Elbow Treatment

Using acupuncture as a tennis elbow treatment is an excellent alternative to taking strong pain medications that do nothing more than provide temporary relief. Before trying to find any type of relief for this condition, it is always important to see a physician to ensure that there are no underlying issues such as damage to the tendon fibers which connect the muscle directly to the bone.

If you have gone to a physician and found that you are suffering from a case of tennis elbow, then there are alternatives you can look forward to when it comes to pain relief. You are not strictly limited to taking pain medications to get the long-term relief you need for this condition. Acupuncture has been around for centuries in Asian culture and has proven to be quite effective for all forms of pain regardless of its origin. The reason acupuncture works so well is because it is based on a tried-and-tested Chinese medical theory about the body's natural flow of energy, or qi.

You see, the Chinese believe that the body has a natural flow of energy that works throughout the body at all times. When this natural flow of energy is blocked, damaged, or disrupted, the result can be extremely painful in a number of different areas. By utilizing acupuncture, needles can be placed in strategic areas of the body which will remove the obstruction, allowing energy to flow naturally. When this happens, the individual will experience relief from a variety of different pains that they may have felt before the procedure.

Before you can make a decision about using acupuncture, it is important to find out if you really are suffering pain as a result of tennis elbow. This pain will normally begin as a tenderness or dull ache around the elbow area. The pain will intensify when you bend or flex your elbow. This type of pain will restrict you from doing typical activities that you are used to doing when you do not have pain in that area. Sometimes, you will experience a sharp needle-like prick when bending your arm. This can make your hands shake, your arm hurt, or your elbow feels like it is on fire.

If this is something you are experiencing, then you will definitely want to seek an acupuncturist in order to get this condition under control. You can schedule a visit and allow your acupuncturist to help you break up the blockage that is preventing the natural healing energy to flow throughout your body. Sometimes, the acupuncturist will also work with needles, massages, and pressure to help relieve these areas of pain and allow your energy to flow naturally. You will find that this form of tennis elbow treatment will be much more satisfying than any type of pain medication.


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