Using Acupuncture To Quit Smoking

One of the most difficult things to do is to stop smoking as nicotine is very addictive. There are smokers who have used acupuncture to quit smoking as this aids in stopping withdrawal symptoms as well as cravings. Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese medical procedure with the principle involving the body’s twelve energy lines. In this procedure, needles are placed along such lines in the body so as to bring back energy and blood flow.

If you wish to stop smoking, look for an acupuncturist who specializes in patients wishing to quit this vice. He will ask you questions and shall give you a questionnaire to fill out. This shall aid him in knowing your triggers and mood and make him know the kind of smoker you are. He shall then formulate a treatment plan suitable to you.

You should follow this treatment one or two times per week for the first couple of months. Such a treatment lasts from five minutes to half an hour. You will have to stick to your acupuncture for six months so that you would be able to stop smoking forever.

There are certain body points on the body to use acupuncture to quit smoking. One of this is found on the ears called Shen Men or the heavenly gate. It is specifically positioned on the outer ear’s upper region and it is usually a point where addiction is treated.

Another point situated on the outer ear’s mid-inner area is the kidney point. This is utilized to reinforce your will power to assist you in quitting smoking. Another point is located on the outer ear’s mid-helix called master point zero and it shall promote inner balance. On the ear’s mid-outermost edge is your hunger ear point which is utilized to minimize cigarette and food cravings due to nicotine withdrawal.

Aside from the ears, there are also points on your wrist which is near your thumb’s base called Tim Mee. This is a vital point of acupuncture to quit smoking. This specific point is said to deal with addiction to nicotine. It also lessens nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

The Hegu or LI4 point is utilized to lessen your nervousness associate with smoking, control blood flow and assist in circulating energy which has blocked certain points of the body. Such a point is situated inside the thumb’s base.

In order to fully quit smoking, it is recommended to follow a treatment twice or thrice per week for half an hour. There are acupuncturists though who suggest more hours must be spent on the Tim Mee if this is comfortable with the patient. Such a treatment should be done until you will no longer undergo nicotine cravings that are uncontrollable.

Aside from acupuncture to quit smoking, you should also have a healthy lifestyle which involves eating properly, working out regularly, managing stress and getting a lot of sleep. You should also ask the help of your family and friends by telling them not to smoke in front of you.

With these tips, you can use acupuncture to quit smoking now.



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