Acupuncture for Migraines Relief

Studies have shown that millions of people suffer from migraine headaches each and every day. Many of the individuals suffering are tired of the short term solutions provided by over-the-counter or prescription pain medication. Because of this, more and more individuals are looking for long term relief. Acupuncture has been proven time and time again to provide the relief people are looking for, without the need of any type of medication. In this article, we are going to discover how effective acupuncture can be when it comes to migraine pain relief over the long-term.

According to the National Headache Foundation - over twenty-five million individuals are suffering from migraines.

These migraines are caused by a variety of different conditions, such as weather, menstruation, allergens, stress, diet, and lack of hydration. For many individuals, these incidents can range in frequency, from just a couple of minutes, to four to seven days. Some people might even be completely incapacitated because of the pain they are experiencing from these migraines—the severity of the symptoms warrant quick action.

Ongoing studies have shown that the traditional method of acupuncture used by the Chinese has been far more effective than painkillers for long-term pain management. The reason behind this is, in terms of acupuncture treatments, every individual is different. This means that every person will undergo a slightly different treatment. This makes acupuncture unique to each individual and their specific needs; everyone has their own specific balance to their bodies and the type of energy that flows. Because of this individuality, each patient will be treated differently when it comes to their needs. Pain medication differs from this in that every individual uses the same medicine, albeit in different dosage amounts. This is one of the reasons why acupuncture is so effective. For those thinking about using acupuncture for migraine headache relief, it will be important to know a bit more about how the process works and what needs to be done.

Acupuncture is used to bring back the balance that is lost when a person's flow of energy is blocked. This energy, or “qi” (pronounced “chi”), is present in every individual. However, because of the blockage that takes place, the individual in question is not capable of healing themselves and reducing or eliminating the pain they are suffering. An acupuncturist will use skills and techniques that have been around for centuries in order to administer needles placed in specific areas of the body. They typically follow a meridian with key points that are targeted, which will help to release the flow of energy and remove the blockage. Ultimately, if you have been suffering from migraine headaches for any amount of time, you should consider acupuncture for migraine relief.


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